Austin Stueve

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Thomas Mohl


Calcific Tendinitis, Shoulder impingement, Shoulder Interventions.


Background and Purpose: This case report describes a 5 week outpatient trial of conservative management of calcific tendinitis of the left shoulder. The patient presented with limited, left shoulder ROM, strength, glenohumeral joint restriction, pain with shoulder plane motions, and shoulder point tenderness. The purpose of this case report is to describe the interventions used for this patient and the outcomes of following the interventions used.

Description. The treatment of this patient included ROM exercises, rotator cuff strengthening exercises, manual therapy, iontophoresis, and ultrasound Outcomes.

Following PT intervention, the patient achieved minimal improvements in ROM, strength, and pain. The patient did, however, demonstrate improvements with glenohumeral joint restriction. Following trial of conservative management, the patient opted for arthroscopic surgery following consultation with orthopedic surgeon.

Discussion. The treatment of this patient primarily included improving glenohumeral joint biomechanics, which included rotator cuff strengthening, scapular stabilization, and manual therapy as well as treating the patient's shoulder pain symptoms. Treatment was progressed and/or regressed based on the patient's response.