Amy Svir

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Thomas Mohr


Iontophoresis, wrist pathology, dexamethasone, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization


Case Description. This case report describes the physical therapy evaluation and intervention for a 14-year-old female with right wrist pathology. The patient presented with increased pain as well as decreased function, decreased active range-of-motion (AROM), decreased passive range-of-motion (PROM), and decreased wrist strength.

Plan of Care and Intervention. The treatment for this patient was a combination of iontophoresis administration of dexamethasone, manual therapy in the form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and joint mobilization, and therapeutic exercise. Iontophoresis was used to transfer dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory medicine, into the affected area.

Outcomes. After 8 treatment sessions, the patient had decreased pain (0/10) and improved functional ability. She also reached within normal limits AROM, PROM, and strength in the right wrist. At discharge she was very close to functioning the way she did before the injury.

Discussion. Treatment was developed considering evidence-based articles, current knowledge, and the patient’s symptoms. Treatment was altered based on the patient’s progression. The improvements made suggest that a combination of iontophoresis, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise had positive effects on the wrist pathology.