Date of Award


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Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Michelle LaBrecque


Aged; Cognitive Dysfunction; Hip Fractures -- rehabilitation; Case Reports


Background and Purpose: As the population shifts to include higher numbers of people in the elderly population, diseases and pathologies associated with geriatric populations will also increase. Two of these conditions are cognitive impairment and hip fractures. Hip fractures can be costly and life altering injuries. Treating patients with both of these conditions can pose a unique challenge to healthcare workers.

Case Description: The patient in this case study is a 78 year-old female who suffered a hip fracture secondary to a fall with a hip herniarthroplasty completed. She had many co-morbidities that are typical of an aging person such as osteoporosis and cognitive impairment.

Interventions: The patient participated in physical therapy interventions in a transitional care unit over the course of seven weeks. These interventions included patient education, strengthening, balance exercises, transfer training, and gait training. Due to her cognitive impairment, the patient's learning style differed from other patients with hip fractures. The use of tactile cueing proved to be a key component in treating her orthopedic condition.

Outcomes: The patient was able to meet all of her goals set at the initial evaluation. She regained strength and balance in order to be functionally independent with transfers, gait, and ADLs, and she was able to return to her home in a memory care unit.

Discussion: This case study demonstrated one successful method of treating a patient with a hip fracture and cognitive impairments. Each patient with these conditions may present differently and require a more specialized plan of care in order to get the desired outcomes.