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Scholarly Project

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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Physical Therapy

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David Relling


Biceps Brachii; Graston; Soft Tissue Injuries -- therapy; Therapy, Soft Tissue; Tendonitis; Upper Trapezius; Case Report


Abstract: This case report discusses a unique approach to the treatment of a soft tissue injury, such as bicipital tendonitis, through the approach called the Graston Technique.

Case Description: A 61 year old Caucasian male received treatment after a diagnosis of bicipital tendonitis. His job was working at a mail office which required repetitive manual labor consisting of moving boxes of varying weight and height in a position of protracted shoulders, extended elbows and supinated wrists. Treatment consisted of stretching the biceps brachii and upper trapezius, Graston, cross friction massage, ultrasound and therapeutic exercise.

Background and purpose: The purpose of this case report is to expand the clinical reasoning for the use of Graston tools on soft tissue. The outcomes were as follows after the sixth treatment, the patient could sleep through the night without pain. He could put on a jacket and tuck in his shirt behind his back independently and had no issues with neck pain. Shortly after the sixth treatment, the patient fell at home in his driveway and regained the symptoms he complained of at the initial evaluation.

Discussion: Clinicians should be aware of the proper use of the Graston Technique, the courses available for its use, what to expect with the usage of this technique during treatment and the positive outcomes associated with the correct use. Further research should compare Graston technique with deep tissue friction massage as the sole modalities to treat the soft tissue injury.