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Scholarly Project

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Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)


Physical Therapy

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Peggy Mohr




Alcohol abuse and/or dependence poses significant risks to a person's health. The negative effects and consequences of alcohol abuse and/or dependence has been well documented in the literature. Many people who are either alcohol abusers or alcohol dependent are admitted to hospitals with neurological deficits, medical complications and traumatic injuries. Often times an etiology related to alcohol abuse is ignored.

This population may be referred to physical therapy for rehabilitation. Functional outcomes and compliance are often unsatisfactory with this population. A better understanding of alcohol abuse and/or dependence could help identify persons at risk and improve functional outcomes.

The purpose of this study is to review the literature regarding alcohol and it's numerous effects on the human body and to increase awareness as to the nature and severity of this disease. This Independent Study will provide a teaching module, which is divided into three chapters. Each chapter will contain the following components: Outline, Objectives, Pre-test, Text and References. This study will provide information regarding alcohol abuse and/or dependence and implications for for physical therapy treatment.