Date of Award


Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)


Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Beverly Johnson


Vertigo -- diagnosis; Vertigo -- rehabilitation


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a disorder of the peripheral vestibular system that results in vertigo, nystagmus, and often nausea and vomiting. BPPV has been treated in the past by a variety of rehabilitation approaches. Today, physical therapists are becoming an integral part of the rehabilitation of these patients. The purpose of this study is to review the diagnostic and treatment techniques currently being used to rehabilitate patients diagnosed with BPPV. This will be accomplished by thoroughly examining the anatomical and physiological processes involved in BPPV. Once these are discussed, the diagnostic process will be explored. Finally, all current therapeutic techniques will be discussed including their efficacy. An in-depth discussion on how this author feels the problem of BPPV is being managed and recommendations for future research and treatment options will conclude this independent study.