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Scholarly Project

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Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)


Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Thomas Mohr


Myocardial Infarction -- rehabilitation; Patient Care Team


Teamwork is a term that is now commonplace in the provision of health services for all people. Variations of this team are widely used, such as multidisciplinary teams and inter-disciplinary teams. A health care team is a group of persons, each possessing particular expertise, who have a common purpose and goal. Teams including professionals, such as nurses, doctors, physical therapists, social workers, and other staff, depending on needs and local resources, are now commonplace in hospital and community services. The purpose of this independent study is to review the literature regarding collaborative team approaches to cardiac rehabilitation. Included in this review is: (a) a history of team processes in cardiac rehabilitation, (b) the function of a cardiac rehabilitation team, (c) definition of team members' roles and responsibilities, and (d) a review of the effectiveness of the team process. Essentially, the cardiac team concept of health care delivery evolved as a compromise between the benefits of specialization and the need for continuity and comprehensiveness of care. The future direction in cardiac rehabilitation lies in the improvement of inter-disciplinary teams and an understanding of the concept of team work.