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Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Beverly Johnson


Accidents, Occupational -- prevention & control


Purpose: This article discusses how a group of four physical therapy students built upon traditional ergonomic and biomechanical programs and applied it to a rural manufacturing company of 160 employees.

Methods: Meetings were held with the corporation's Safety Specialist and upper management. Based on research supported by evidence and suggestions from the company's administration, the students constructed an injury prevention program consisting of two presentations for office and production workers, exercise programs, a lifting and posture DVD and assessment, and a modified office assessment.

Results: Seventy-one employees attended the production lecture. Thirty-six workers took part in the office presentation. Sixty-four production individuals took part in the posture and lifting screen. Thirty-three employees demonstrated a decreased forward head, twenty-two brought their shoulders back, and twenty-four corrected excessive pelvic tilts post lecture. Seventeen individuals didn't change their posture. Post lecture all individuals bent their knees correctly and 56 brought the box close enough to lift the box properly. Only one person twisted his/her back post lecture to move the box. Twelve worker's offices were evaluated after the office lecture. Some of the common problems were fixed during the assessment. Recommendations were made for different equipment or equipment modification. These modification changes are the responsibility of the company.

Discussion: Although, improvements were made initially with both the office workers in their desk set-up arid the production with standing posture and lifting techniques, a long term follow-up needs to be done to assess the retention rates among the employees. This program provides a plan of what could to be done initially to produce an evidence-based injury prevention program within a manufacturing company.