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Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Schawnn Decker


Abdominal Muscles -- physiology; Muscle Contraction


Study Design: Repeated Measures Design.

Objectives: To compare the recruitment of the transversus abdominis and internal oblique during the performance of the supine abdominal draw-in maneuver with the use of pressure biofeedback and without the use of pressure biofeedback. Muscle recruitment will be measured through the use of surface electromyography (EMG).

Background: Surface EMG reliability and validity is reported for transversus abdominis.

Methods: Thirty-nine healthy subjects of the ages 18 to 54 were tested. The subjects were instructed and performed practice trails of the supine draw-in maneuver with and without pressure biofeedback prior to data collection. EMG muscle activity was recorded during a 30 second hold of the supine draw-in maneuver.

Results: Data was analyzed on 32 subjects. There was no significant difference in the EMG activity of the transversus abdominis during the performance of the supine