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Scholarly Project

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Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)


Physical Therapy

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Thomas Mohr


Anterior Cruciate Ligament -- injuries


In recent years, the rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has undergone changes in its protocol. The changes in ACL rehabilitation protocol are due to clinical observations and trends in ACL rehabilitation across the country. The traditional and presently used accelerated ACL rehabilitation programs are not much different in the activities performed as in the time frames when each activity is permitted.

The main purpose of this literature review is to provide material for clinicians to have accurate and recent knowledge of ACL rehabilitation. This knowledge will allow the clinician to provide the best and most beneficial treatment to the patient. The traditional and accelerated ACL rehabilitation programs will be viewed separately and versus one another. Determinants of which ACL rehabilitation program to choose are stated to increase the clinicians' awareness of the proper treatment to choose for a patient.

Clinicians must continue to have present knowledge of sound basic science and recent research when treating a patient with a reconstructed ACL. ACL rehabilitation protocols are guidelines only, and a clinician must be aware of all of the factors present with a patient before slowing or speeding the rehabilitation process.