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Sharing recipes is a form of intimate conversation that nourishes body and soul, family and community. Backstories: The Kitchen Table Talk Cookbook integrates formal scholarship with informal reflections, analyses of recipe books with heirloom recipes, and text with images to emphasize the ways that economics, politics, and personal meaning come together to shape our changing relationships with food. By embracing elements of history, rural studies, and women’s studies, this volume offers a unique perspective by relating food history with social dynamics. It is sure to inspire eclectic dining and conversations.

Cynthia C. Prescott is Professor of History at the University of North Dakota and an occasional baker. Her research focuses on portrayals of rural women in cultural memory.

Maureen Sherrard Thompson is a Ph.D. candidate at Florida International University. Her dissertation focuses on business, environmental, and gender perspectives associated with the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century seed industry.

With contributions by: Linda Ambrose, Samantha K. Ammons, Jenny Barker Devine, Nikki Berg Burin, Lynne Byall Benson, Eli Bosler, Carla Burgos, Joseph Cates, Diana Chen, Myrtle Dougall, Egge, Margaret Thomas Evans, Dee Garceau, Tracey Hanshew, Kathryn Harvey, Mazie Hough, Sarah Kesterson, Marie Kenny, Hannah Peters Jarvis, Katherine Jellison, M. Jensen, Cherisse Jones-Branch, Katie Mayer, Amy L. McKinney, Diane McKenzie, Krista Lynn Minnotte, Elizabeth H. Morris, Sara E. Morris, Mary Murphy, Stephanie Noell, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Virginia Scharff, Rebecca Sharpless, Rachel Snell, Joan Speyer, Pamela Snow Sweetser, Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, Erna van Duren, Audrey Williams, Catharine Anne Wilson, Jean Wilson.





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The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota


Grand Forks, ND


Cooking, American--History ; Food--Social aspects; Homemakers ; Kitchens ; COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-

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Prescott, Cynthia Culver, 1975-; Thompson, Maureen Sherrard

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Backstories: The Kitchen Table Talk Cookbook