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3 1/2" diameter


Gifted to the UND Pottery Collection, University of North Dakota in memory of Phyllis Sweetland McCusker and Tracy Olletin Sweetland. The gift was made by Kris McCusker on behalf of their family.

Ceramic commemorative medallion. Gray interior with cobalt blue edges. Profile of John Jacob Astor featured on one side with text that reads, "PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN FUR COMPANY". Outer ring reads, "THE COLUMBIA RIVER HISTORICAL EXPEDITION 1926". On the opposite side, the gray center shows a pair of hands shaking with a peace pipe crossed with an tomahawk, with the text, "FORT UNION U.M.O." The cobalt ring text reads, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA & NORTH DAKOTA CLAY.

According to Donald Miller's 1999 University of North Dakota Pottery, The Cable Years (p. 16) “The Columbia River Historical Expedition stopped in Grand Fork on July 16, 1926, on it way to the west coast. A special train starting in Chicago and continuing west, followed in general the old oxcart trails between Fort Snelling and Fort Garry and the prairie and mountain trail west of the Red River Valley. President Budd of the Great Northern Railroad Co. was one of the motivating forces... To honor the guests of President Budd, Miss Cabler prepared clay replicas of the original Astor Medal as gifts for those accompanying Budd across the country.”

Art Descriptors

Ceramic; pottery; circular; medallion; commemorative; gray; blue


Stored: UND Pottery Collection Box 64


UND Art Collections Repository