UND Pottery Collection


Non-Partisan League Convention Ceramic Goat Pendants, Multi-colored Lot 2 - Side B


Ceramic pendants/medallions created between 1938-1940 to raise funds for UND's ceramics department. 200 goat pendants were created specifically for the Non-Partisan League Convention.


2a. Marked on back: 964 light blue

2b. Marked on back: 964 dark blue

2c. Marked on back: 1269 lilac

2d. Marked on back: 1010 lit brown B Peckled

2e. Marked on back: 1011 yellow

2f. Marked on back: 964 Black unseceend

2g. Marked on back: French green

2h. Marked on back 963 Rv Tile

2i. Marked on back 479B Gr. Matt