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An observational study of data derived from the German Study on Aging, Cognition and Dementia indicated that proton pump inhibitor use was associated with dementia risk (Benmassaoud, McDonald, & Lee, 2016). The purpose of this study is to explore a two-fold approach between proton pump inhibitor use and dementia. This two-fold approach will first investigate the association between dementia and proton pump inhibitor use and secondly, the proposed pathophysiology behind it. This approach to proton pump inhibitor use and dementia will allow for providers to utilize the association and make decisions to avoid chronic proton pump inhibitor use in effort to reduce or prevent dementia. Research methods include reviewing peer reviewed journal that were obtained from Pubmed, ClinicalKeyand PsycINFO. Gomm et al. (2016) found that their study participants prescribed proton pump inhibitors had a significant increase in risk of dementia (HR, 1.44 [95% CI, 1.04-1.83]). Haenischet al. (2015) found that the use of proton pump inhibitor medication increased the risk of any dementia (HR 1.38, [95% CI, 1.04-1.83]) compared to no proton pump inhibitor use. Akteret al. (2015) utilized the CANTAB software which provided multiple significant findings in several different testable areas among proton pump inhibitor users. Badiolaet al. (2013) used materials and methods such as cell culture, drug treatments, analysis of amyloid-beta peptides by ELISA, mass spectrometry of amyloid-beta species, animals and treatments, brain soluble amyloid-beta extraction and western blotting to provide one-way ANOVA and t-test to report the effect of proton pump inhibitors have on amyloid-beta degeneration in mice. Jung et al. (2015) found statistical significance between chronic acid lowering agents and vitamin B12 deficiency with a hazard ratio of 1.83 [95% CI: 1.36-2.46], p-value


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Aged; Cognition -- drug effects; Dementia -- etiology; Proton Pump Inhibitors -- adverse effects; Vitamin B 12 Deficiency -- complications


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Association Between Proton Pump Inhibitor Use & Dementia: A Two-Fold Approach