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The gut-brain connection has become more widely researched for its impacts on anxiety and depression. This bodes the question that if the gut microbiome can be altered, would there be a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression as a result? One way to alter gut microbiome is to implement a prebiotic or probiotic. To determine if this is an effective treatment option for anxiety and depression, a literature review was conducted using primarily randomized clinical trials. PubMed was the primary database that was used for this research. Articles were sorted and chosen based upon applicability to the problem being investigated, clinical trials, and a recent time frame of five years. Most of the articles reviewed found statistically significant differences in improvements of symptoms of anxiety and depression in the intervention group participants. Therefore, the results of this literature review suggest that implementing a probiotic either as sole therapy or adjuvant therapy can improve symptoms and severity of anxiety and depression.


Physician Assistant Studies

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

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Metzger, Jay

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Spring 2024


Medicine and Health Sciences

The Efficacy of Probiotic Use in Patients with Anxiety and Depression