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Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)


Physician Assistant Studies

First Advisor

Carr, Kristen


Mobile Integrated Healthcare teams, Patient Outcomes, Rural Communities, Urban Communities, Hospital Spending, Hospital Admissions


This literature review discusses the impact that MIH teams can have in our health system. It is well known that there are communities that benefit from MIH teams such as rural or underserved areas; however, this paper discusses a variety of other demographics that may benefit from implementation of MIH teams. It will also evaluate how MIH teams alter patient Emergency Department (ED) visits, hospital admissions, facility spending, and patient outcomes. MIH is a form of preventative medicine that may be better optimized by healthcare facilities going forward, and this article helps to weigh the pros versus cons of MIH team implementation in local communities. Databases utilized for the initial article search were Google Scholar, Cochrane, Elselvier, and PubMed. Keywords for the initial search included mobilized integrated healthcare, patient outcomes, rural communities, urban communities, hospital spending, and hospital admissions. The search yielded 2,522 articles prior to the exclusion criteria being implemented which was publication dates being prior to 2017, studies that were not primary research, not in the English language, and had limited quantitative data or small sample sizes. Ultimately 10 articles were included in the final review. Current literature demonstrates how MIH teams can help reduce overall hospital and ED admissions as well as decrease hospital spending and show patient outcome improvement overall. These findings further support the concept that communities should initiate MIH teams more abundantly.