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Scholarly Project

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)


Physician Assistant Studies


HIV; HIV treatment; HIV antiretroviral resistance; Zinc and HIV; Vitamin A and HIV; Vitamin E & HIV; Vitamin D and HIV


The purpose of this systematic literature review is not to determine the best treatment for human immunodeficiency virus HIV but to analyze additional supplementation that can prolong the progression of the disease process. Zinc, vitamin A, D, and E will be evaluated additionally with the antiretroviral treatment ART. The cost of an ART Regimen can be very expensive and challenging for patients to afford. The goal is to find an acceptable option to complement ART with a sensible cost to prolong disease progression and minimize additional costs of health care. With the advances of ART, more and more patients can be managed by their primary care provider. This brings us to the importance of this literature review. The trials are randomized, longitudinal, observational, and placebo-controlled with randomized studies. All the studies were published within the last ten years. In this review, CD4 and viral load will be just a few of the markers that will be measured. Participants will range by gender, age, health status, and location. The data shows that the introduction of multivitamin supplementation has increased CD4 values and decreased viral loads. More studies need to be conducted, including many more vitamins in for a more definitive conclusion.