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NOAO Observing Proposal

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We propose to obtain deep U-band observations of 14 low-redshift (z ≤ 0.06) galaxy clusters using the WIYN 0.9m+HDI telescope/detector to complete our survey to probe star formation of galaxies in high-density environments. These observations, combined with previously obtained data of 11 clusters observed using the same telescope+detector, will give us a statistically significant sample for the Ph.D. dissertation of co-I Gihan Gamage. Clusters are selected from 57 clusters in which we have obtained deep B- and R-band data using the KPNO 0.9m+MOSA. U-band data will allow us to explore relative changes in the luminosity function for the U- and R-band as a function of cluster-centric radius. The large field-of-view of the telescope+detector will permit us to map out the spatial distribution of star forming galaxies from the core region to the outskirts. Comparing U-band observations with our R-band data will provide the necessary leverage to look for enhancements/quenching of star formation as galaxies fall into the cluster. These observations allow us to probe ~ 2 mag fainter than SDSS.