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NOAO Observing Proposal

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We propose for time to complete our u- and r-band imaging program of 30 low-redshift (z ≤ 0.03) galaxy clusters using the CTIO Blanco 4m+DECam telescope/detector combination. These data will allow us to probe star formation from the cluster core to the infall region, and complete the acquisition of observations for the Ph.D. dissertation of Gihan Gamage (University of North Dakota). The deep u- and r-band data will allow us to explore relative changes in the luminosity function, dwarf-to-giant ratio, blue fraction, and galaxy morphological type as a function of cluster-centric radius for a statistically significant sample of 30 clusters. The large field-of-view of the telescope+detector will permit us to not only map star formation out to the infall region, but also to probe dwarf galaxies using a reasonable exposure time due to the low redshift of our target sample. The comparison of u- and r-band observations will provide the necessary leverage to look for enhancements/quenching of star formation as galaxies fall into the cluster environment from the low density field region.