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The purpose of this study is to provide current and future generations of occupational therapists a view of the history and how occupational therapy practice has evolved from its inception to current practice through the life history stories of occupational therapists who have held leadership roles at the national level and beyond. This particular study reflects the life history of Dr. Jaime Munoz, a leader in occupational therapy education and advocate for marginalized populations. The study design used for this project was qualitative research using a life history approach, which allowed the focus to be on the participant’s involvement in the evolution of occupational therapy practice. The Kawa Model was also used to guide this project. The results revealed a final assertion that Dr. Jaime Munoz demonstrates a strong desire to have a positive impact on the occupational therapy profession through providing quality education opportunities, minimizing barriers to education, and promoting access to service for marginalized populations. He emphasizes the importance of fostering opportunities for nurturing other leaders.

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Advocate for marginalized populations, qualitative research, quality education opportunities, minimizing barriers to education, Diversity.


Occupational Therapy

Evolution of Occupational Therapy Practice: Life History of Jaime Munoz, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA