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Objective: The purpose of the life history of Julie Bass, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, is to gain an insight into her life, her leadership experiences, and her years of work in the occupational therapy (OT) profession to provide current and future generations of occupational therapists a view of how occupational therapy practice has evolved over time.

Method: An in-depth, semi-structured interview was guided by an interview schedule prepared by the project directors. The interview took place via Zoom conference at the University of North Dakota and lasted two hours. The interview was transcribed verbatim and coded with 22 codes. The codes were collapsed into three categories, and then 12 themes emerged.

Results: The predominant themes reflect Dr. Bass’ emphasis on the importance of maintaining impactful relationships, viewing the world through an occupational lens, and participating in research and advocacy to help advance the practice of occupational therapy. The findings indicate her success as a leader in occupational therapy practice and the impact she has made on the growth of the profession.

Conclusion: Throughout her career in higher education and occupational therapy practice, Dr. Bass has dedicated her time to maintaining personal and professional relationships, promoting advances in the profession of occupational therapy, and preserving her occupational lens on the world. Her passion, dedication, and advocacy have helped push the profession to advance into emerging areas of practice.

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Occupational Therapy

Evolution of Occupational Therapy Practice: Life History of Julie D Bass, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA