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The purpose of this qualitative study was to gather information on individuals whom have contributed in expanding occupational therapy around the states of North Dakota, and Wyoming. The interview contained questions which helped to understand our individuals journey, and the contributions made to influence occupational therapy (OT) around the state of North Dakota. This project was completed through background research and a semi structured interview. The interview was audio recorded and then transcribed verbatim. Codes were then selected from what emerged from the data. The codes then were sorted into categories, themes, and a final assertion. The participant was selected by a purposive sample completed by the project directors. The Kawa model was used to guide the research. The results showed that Jane has had to fight through changes in documentation, billing, expectations, and professional issues; but to this day she still loves her job due to her support system, her patients, and the collaboration between other professions, making the job possible.

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Occupational Therapy

A Life History of Jane Loscheider, OTR/L, ATP, CLT, NDT