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Objective: This qualitative life history is part of a larger project that is aimed at gathering information about the history and evolution of occupational therapy in North Dakota and Wyoming. The purpose of this study is to gain a better insight of the influences that Maggie Butler has contributed to the occupational therapy profession.

Method: A semi-structured one hour interview was conducted with the participant and two researchers. The interview was transcribed and data was analyzed to produce codes, categories, themes, and a final assertion.

Results: The predominant categories that emerged from this process were: Path to COTA, Professional Development, and Creating a Meaningful Career.

Conclusion: The final assertion that was developed from the findings was that being an COTA with only one years’ experience, in a rural setting has its challenges, but has also proven to be rewarding for Maggie by allowing advancement both personally and professionally. It is important that novel practitioners, like Maggie, are considered and acknowledged for their accomplishments and contributions to the OT profession.