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The purpose of this study was to examine the life and legacy of occupational therapist Diane McCormack. The participant was selected through purposive sampling and was interviewed for an hour and a half via a semi-structured interview. Data was collected via a participant interview and document review. Data was analyzed via coding of the interview transcription. Interview questions were pre-formatted by the project directors. The student researchers had the freedom to edit or add interview questions as deemed necessary after gaining approval from the project directors. Through transcription coding, four categories emerged from initial codes: education, experiences, relationships, and career. The findings of the study were that Diane is an ambitious person who shows intentionality and adaptability in the way she problem-solves. Her close family and community ties have supported her dedication to pediatric occupational therapy (OT) practice, willingness to take risks for what is important to her, and the pursuit of professional opportunities despite limitations from rural practice.