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Objective: The purpose of this life history of Janeene Sibla was to provide current and future occupational therapist an overview of her journey as an occupational therapist in North Dakota. This life history also looks at the historical events that influenced the occupational therapy profession and Janeene. This life history was one of 31 done for a course at the University of North Dakota.

Method: The project directors reached out to occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants in North Dakota and Wyoming. Janeene was assigned by the project directors to the researchers. A semi-structured recorded phone interview that lasted 43 minutes took place in a private conference room at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The recording was transcribed, coded, and themes emerged.

Results: Data analysis yielded thirteen codes that were grouped into three categories. These categories were principles of OT practice, evolution of education in OT, and environmental factors that influence OT. Each category had 3-4 themes that were generated from the transcript which reflected her perspective. An assertion statement was created to represent Janeene’s journey.

Conclusion: Janeene Sibla has had various roles in her career as an occupational therapist. Her dedication to client-centered care, educating the future generation of occupational therapists, and optimism for the future of the occupational therapy field is inspiring. This life history gives an overview of Janeene’s journey in the field of occupational therapy.