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Objective. The purpose of this qualitative Life History study is to gather information about the evolution and history of occupational therapy (OT) practice from individuals who have been influential in developing OT.

Method. A one-hour, semi-structured interview was conducted with Dr. Gail Bass to gather information on her experiences in her works of occupational therapy. Once the interview was completed, it was transcribed verbatim by the researchers. Open coding was then used to identify codes, then categories, themes, and finally an overall assertion.

Results. Three major categories emerged from Dr. Bass' life history consisting of education, professional opportunities, and evolution. These findings indicate that she has had a successful and fulfilling career in the profession of occupational therapy.

Conclusion. Dr. Gail Bass emphasized that a career in occupational therapy requires diligence in pursuing continuing education, certification, using occupation-based practice, and being aware of legislative issues. Through advocacy and involvement, she has had a very fulfilling career.