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This paper is a summary of the process and outcomes of a study that examined the life and accomplishments of Dr. Carol Olson. This study was designed as a life history to describe and understand the experiences of Dr. Olson throughout her occupational therapy (OT) career. This study is part of a larger research project that aims to gather information about OT practice in North Dakota and Wyoming throughout history. The researchers conducted a semi-structured interview with Dr. Olson to find several key outcomes that will give future insight into OT practice within North Dakota. The findings of the study focused on Dr. Olson's influences, experiences, and her views of changes within OT practice throughout her career. The researchers used the findings to create an assertion statement: In the course of her occupational therapy career, Dr. Olson saw many changes in the profession. She was influenced by a number of factors and accumulated meaningful experiences throughout her time in the profession of occupational therapy.

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