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This qualitative study gathered information regarding the evolution of occupational therapy. Its purpose is to provide a view of what practice has looked like from inception until now by uncovering the life history of Dr. Jan Stube who has had an influential role in practice within North Dakota. The goal of this study is to provide more knowledge for current occupational therapists about the history of occupational therapy and how it has changed over time. This is done by interviewing individuals who have impacted the profession in the states through purposive sampling and consisted of a one hour face-to-face semi-standardized interview. The interview was transcribed and analyzed by the researchers to uncover Dr. Stube's life history in order to learn more about the profession of occupational therapy. Important aspects of Dr. Stube's career include her goals for the profession, the evolution of occupational therapy since the beginning of her practice, her personal attributes that contributed to her success within the field, and her various roles she had within the profession.

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