Don Walkovich


Kalindi Rachey

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Objective. The purpose of this study is to provide current and future generations of occupational therapists (OTs) a view of the history of occupational therapy (OT) practice and how it has evolved from its inception to the current practice.

Method. A one hour, semi-structured interview was conducted with Dr. Walkovich and one OT student from the University of North Dakota. The interview was transcribed and the interview data was coded and compared with the history of the OT profession.

Results. The predominant categories that emerged during data analysis were his involvement in the profession of OT were Occupational Therapy, Education, Evolution of OT, and Personal Experience. The findings indicate that Dr. Walkovich has impacted the profession of OT from an educational aspect from his involvement at the state and national level.

Conclusion. Dr. Walkovich’s strong internal motivation and passion for OT has allowed him to significantly impact the field of OT and influence the evolution of OT practice through his involvement at the state and national levels.

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