Nancy Rentfrow


Maddi Buscho, Emma Lee

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This life history is one of 29 life history interviews which are part of a larger project, Life Histories of Individuals Who Have Been Influential in Developing Occupational Therapy (OT) in North Dakota and Wyoming. The purpose of this project is to gather information about the history and evolution of occupational therapy (OT) practice in North Dakota and Wyoming through life histories of individuals who have been influential in developing OT in these two states. It is anticipated that the life history process will be a powerful way to gather this information. The study took place at the University of North Dakota Medicine and Health Sciences building and the interview was conducted using video conferencing. Participants were 29 current or former occupational therapists who at one time practiced in North Dakota or Wyoming and who are considered influential in developing the practice in those states. Overall, this study is intended to provide current and future generations of occupational therapists a view of history and how occupational therapy practice has evolved from its inception to current practice in North Dakota and Wyoming.

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