Janet Salzwedel


Karissa Kempel, Sadie Larson

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Objective. This life history is one of 29 life history interviews which are part of a larger project, Life Histories of Individuals Who Have Been Influential in Developing Occupational Therapy (OT) in North Dakota and Wyoming. The purpose of this project is to gather information about the history and evolution of occupational therapy (OT) practice in North Dakota and Wyoming through life histories of individuals who have been influential in developing OT in these two states.

Method. An in-depth interview was conducted with Janet Salzwedel in the comfort of her home. Categories and themes were syntheszied from the interview to identify key turning points and trends that influenced her practice.

Results. The predominant categories that represented Janet's experience as an occupational therapist that were gathered through the interview were challenges, changes, clinical practice, and a good career. The findings indicate that Janet is a hard-working occupational therapist and has been able to overcome challenges and changes within the profession to better serve clients. By collaborating with other health disciplines and using her therapeutic use of self, she has been able to help her clients recover and gain a greater quality of life.

Conclusion. Janet is a compassionate and enthusiastic occupational therapist that uses her positive personality traits, leadership skills, and drive to build rapport with clients. These characteristics have helped her to achieve the accomplishments she has made throughout her life. Janet has had a significant impact on the field of occupational therapy and serves as a model for others in the profession who must also balance multiple demands, and work as a collaborative team member to assist clients in achieving independence.

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