Date of Award


Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

LaVonne Fox


Cultural Competency


Cultural competence, in health care, is becoming increasingly important as minority populations continue to grow in the United States. Although it is clear that cultural sensitive, client-centered care directly effects treatment outcomes, students and clinicians may not know where or how to access cultural resources. Culturally competent care is vital to the field of occupational therapy as client-centered care is viewed as a means of providing the best outcomes and quality of care.

A literature review was conducted to identify current cultural resources available. Based on the findings, an adult learning theory was used in conjunction with effective website design principles to guide the selection of website content and layout. Additionally, the United States Census Bureau was used to obtain detailed statistics about cultural populations common to the Midwest.

The purpose of this project was to provide a condensed list of resources that clinicians and students can use to facilitate individual development of multicultural competency. The OT Cultural Competence Website will be available through the University of North Dakota’s school homepage Occupational Therapy department site. The website is organized with a list of links to guide the user as he or she navigates through the site. General resources are provided, as well as 11 specific populations to obtain more specific information. Accessible, easy to use cultural resources are vital to students and therapists working to further develop cultural competence.