Date of Award


Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Jan Stube


Brain Injuries -- rehabilitation; Occupational Therapy -- methods; Child


Acquired brain injury (ABI) includes any non-traumatic brain injuries such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and brain diseases such as cancer (Book, 2005). A child who sustains an acquired brain injury may experience profound impairments in motor performance, and significant deficits in sensory awareness and responsiveness, secondary to hemiplegia. (Taub et al., 2007, Taub, Ramey, DeLuca & Echols, 2004). Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is a intervention developed by Dr. Edward Taub for the secondary condition of hemiplegia affecting the adult stroke population. This intervention has also produced positive results in studies conducted with children (Taub et al., 2007). An extensive literature review revealed the need for further research to be completed using CIMT for pediatric diagnoses other than cerebral palsy. This manual was created to provide occupational therapists with an evidence-based protocol to guide the intervention process when using CIMT. The product includes an extensive literature review, an intervention protocol guide, and an evidence-based review to promote further research in occupational therapy and the pediatric population. The authors concluded that by creating this intervention protocol, children with ABI would be greatly benefited.