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Elwyn Robinson's sweeping History of North Dakota has become a classic in American state histories. One of the state's great professors and historians takes into account not only politics, but sociology, economics, ethnology, theology, nature studies and geography to describe North Dakota to the world and to itself.

Geography, in particular, formed the basis of Professor Robinson's historical interpretation. His 'too-much mistake,' the belief that North Dakota built too much, too fast, in an isolated area buffeted by difficult climate, has become the guiding principle for a quarter century of historical debate on Dakota plains history.



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North Dakota--History

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This digital, open edition of History of North Dakota was made possible by the generous contributions of the Northern Plains Heritage Foundation, the North Dakota legislature, the North Dakota University System, and the family of Elwyn B. Robinson.

Additional thanks go to the Northern Plains National Heritage Area, the National Park Service National Heritage Areas program, the Missouri Valley Heritage Alliance, and The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota.

The original publisher and content rights holder of the Elwyn B. Robinson's History of North Dakota is the University of Nebraska Press. Please contact them for inquiries regarding republication rights. The latest print edition of History of North Dakota may be purchased from NDSU Press.

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