Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2021

Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



Program Affiliation

Nurse Educator (NE)

First Advisor

Patricia L. Parker


Childhood bullying within schools and the community can leave lasting short- and long-term consequences that can extend into adulthood if not identified early on. Both the bullies and victims of bullies can be impacted both mentally and physically because of bullying. With the increase of technology and social media in schools, cyberbullying has also become a concern. A comprehensive electronic literature search was completed to understand if enhancing public health and school nurse knowledge around bullying and mental health issues would reduce the prevalence of adverse outcomes associated with childhood bullying. Results of the literary search found school and public health nurses play a vital role in the prevention and identification of childhood bullying and in informing practice and implementing change. School and public health nurses can assist in assessing the mental and emotional health of students impacted by bullying and provide students, teachers, parents, and community members the resources needed to help reduce the prevalence and impact bullying can have on the pediatric population. Additionally, school and public health nurses play a crucial role in the development and facilitation of anti-bullying prevention programs targeted towards young children.

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Nursing Commons