Date of Award

Fall 12-24-2019

Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



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Nurse Educator (NE)

First Advisor

Kris Hendrickx


With nurses entering the workforce in the millions, preceptors are used to educate and train preceptees in clinical settings. A knowledge-practice gap exists when preceptors are put into their roles without any training regarding how to perform their preceptor duties. While preceptor education is desired among preceptors, there are no set standards for how preceptor training is delivered or what content is included. This paper reviews current literature and synthesizes results to form general guidelines regarding how best to deliver preceptor education and concept themes to be included in preceptor education. The databases CINAHL, PsycINFO, and ERIC were searched for peer-reviewed articles from the last ten years involving development and implementation of preceptor education programs for nurse preceptors who precept nursing students and registered nurses. Sixteen articles met selection criteria for review. The literature was analyzed and results synthesized using Knowles’s adult learning theory as a guiding framework for best practice in preceptor program development. Gaps in the literature were identified to guide future research. Nurse educators can utilize the synthesized findings to aid development and revision of nurse preceptor development programs.

Keywords: preceptor, preceptor development, nursing education

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Nursing Commons