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Date of Work

circa 1910


Evans Studio, Devils, Lake, N.D.

Identification #

OGL21-21 (and OGL21-20)


Usher Burdick sits for a studio portrait with three fellow alumni from Mayville State Normal School. The photograph was taken by the Evans Studio in Devils Lake, circa 1910. Burdick is seated on the left in the front row, alongside Charles Blackorby. Dr. Stewart McIntyre and Dr. William Porter are left to right in the back row. (Information taken from the back of both photographs)

Usher Burdick had a long career in North Dakota politics, serving in the North Dakota House of Representatives (1909-1911), as Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota (1911-1913), and in the United States House of Representatives (1935-1945 and 1949-1959);

People Depicted

Usher Burdick, Charles Blackorby, William Porter, Dr. Stewart McIntyre


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota


Usher Burdick