Oglala Lakota


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Date of Work



Glass beads, wire, silver clasps


Native North American Contemporary Art Collection.


On Display: Gransberg Community Room


Gorecki Alumni Center

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Red Cloud Indian Art Show A Continuum of Native Art

Native American art cannot be defined by one aesthetic, medium, or tradition alone. It is constantly changing, reflecting the diverse cultures and experiences of Native artists themselves. Over the last five decades, the Red Cloud Indian Art show has celebrated the continuum of Native art – and honored the artists who create it.

Held on the Pine Ridge Reservation in western South Dakota, this exhibition is the largest and longest-running Native art exhibition of its kind – and one of only a few held in an Indigenous community. Hundreds of artists from tribal nations across North America have shared their work through the Red Cloud show, in categories ranging from painting and photography to beadwork and quillwork. But what sets the show apart is its inclusion of all Native artists. Its purpose is to create opportunities for Native artists to explore their talents and share their perspectives, regardless of their previous exposure to the art world. Grounded in community and culture, the Red Cloud Indian Art Show allows the artists themselves to guide the narrative on Native art and Indigenous experience.