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Letter dated January 24, 1942 from C. Benedict "to whom it may concern" certifying that Benedict has been employed by the City and County Hospital of San Francisco as for the last fourteen years as a chef. Benedict elaborates that his superior officers at the hospital have been "instrumental" in bring his brother-in-law Richard Auros to the U.S. are also referenced as they had written recommendations for Richard Auras to the Immigration Department. Benedict explains further that Auros has been living in his home during this time, belongs to no subversive or anti-American organizations and that his loyalty to this country is unquestionable, and urges that Auras be released from Fort Lincoln and allowed to "finish his course of Chiropractic and there after become a useful Citizen of the U.S.A."

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internment, Ellis Island, German, Germany, Fort Lincoln, Richard Auras, World War II, WWII

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City and County of San Francisco Department of Health, City and County Hospital of San Francisco, Immigration Department

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C. Benedict, Dr. Geiger, Richard Auras, Dr. Wilbor

Letter from C. Benedict regarding Richard Auros's Character and Loyalty to the U.S., 1942