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Two letters, dated January 15, 1942, were written in support of Richard Auras, a student at Sierra State University. The first, written by the college president, Dr. Raymond L. Peters, describes Auras as a good student. Dr. Peters says he would like to see Auras finish his course "so he can graduate with the other students of his class."

The second letter, written by the student body president John C. Fischer and student body secretary Muriel Whitney describes Auras as "honest and sincere" and also urges that he be allowed to return to school.

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Petition and Affidavit By Curt Benedict arguing for overturn of denial of release of Richard Auras from Internment, 1946

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Richard Auras

Two Letters from Sierra States University President and Student Leaders to the United States Immigration Service in support of Student Richard Auras, 1942