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A speech given by Mr. William Langer over the KFYR radio station on August 11, 1931. He briefly discusses the crisis of farmers facing bankruptcy, and transitions into how this crisis can be avoided if farmers organize into cooperative groups. He praises the Farmers Union for allowing farmers to own stocks in the cooperative, while criticizing the old grain trade companies for the negative influence that they have had on farmers. The speech ultimately praises the cooperative channels that producers and farmers can use to get their products on the market and the leaders of the Farmers Union and the organization itself for serving farmers rather than investors.

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grain trade, cooperative, Farmers Union, farmers, producers, stocks

Organizations Referenced

Farmers National Grain Corporation, Farmers Union Terminal Association

People Referenced

Mr. Knutson, George Loftus, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Talbott, M. W. Thatcher

Speech delivered by William Langer over KFYR radio, August 11, 1931