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This letter dated February 14th, 1947, from United States Senator William Langer to J. E. Sullivan of Garrison, North Dakota, Langer replies to a letter from Sullivan in which Sullivan asked about the possibility of a post office building being built in Garrison, and complained that a proposal he attributes to Langer "whereby the Indians must be carred [sic] for first" is interfering with Sullivan's efforts to recruit a firm to build a hotel in Garrison and has "delayed activities in many ways."

Langer explains that building materials are being prioritized for veteran housing at the time, and until the veteran housing issue is addressed, the construction of post offices would be "held in abeyance."

In response to the other complaints. Langer says that the proposal Sullivan refers to is the O'Mahoney amendment, for which Langer says he is not responsible. Langer does say that the "indian problem" must be addressed sooner or later, and that he hopes legislation is passed soon to address the issues raised by the trades. Langer laments that this is affecting a hotel development Sullivan is involved in and acknowledges that other similar project will also be affected.

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Letter from Senator Langer to J. E. Sullivan Regarding Post Office and Hotel Development in Garrison, February 14, 1947