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This 32 page, anti-Langer magazine was published by Sam Clark of Bismarck in 1934. Composed mainly of cartoons, "Red Ink's Pictorial Review of the Langer Administration" highlights the corruption which Clark felt was endemic in the Langer administration.

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Organizations Referenced

Bank of North Dakota, Nonpartisan League, North Dakota State Highway Department, North Dakota State Mill and Elevator, North Dakota Supreme Court

People Referenced

Charles Bangert, A.F. Bonzer, John Burke, Alexander G. Burr, Oscar Chaput, Sam Clark, R.L. Fraser, Lynn Frazier, Dave Hamilton, Lydia Langer, William Langer, Ole Lund, Harold McDonald, George McKenna, William Nuessle, Ludvig Peterson, A.C. Townley, Frank Vogel

Red Ink's Pictorial Review of the Langer Administration, 1934