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In this letter, dated November 7, 1919, from P. B. Rognli of Esmond, North Dakota (ND) to ND Attorney General William Langer, Rognli informs Langer of a "plea," which he encloses with this letter, that Rognli writes was handed to him by "a party who had received it from one of the prisoners at the Penitentiary." The plea in question is written by Dr. T. H. Druen, who claims to be the innocent victim of a conspiracy to frame him for the death of his young daughter, dreamed up by a Deputy States Attorney who, he claims, also seduced his wife. He also claims to have been sentenced without a proper trial by Judge Alexander Burr.

Rognli urges Langer to investigate the matter and asks to be informed of his findings.

The "plea" mentioned as being enclosed exists as a separate document in the Langer collection, and it linked below.

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Letter from P. B. Rognli to Attorney General Langer Regarding T. H. Druen, November 7, 1919