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In this letter, dated March 18, 1917, from Foster County Sheriff Theron Cole to North Dakota Attorney General William Langer, Cole expresses his concern over the handling of a case involving a "poor girl" by the Foster county State's Attorney. Cole writes that the State's Attorney has advised him that he has settled the case by taking the normal sum of $200 from the defendant, without submitting the settlement to the county commissioners for approval or securing any bond. Cole adds that this is the way the majority of criminal cases are being handled and urges Langer to look into the case. He adds that he doesn't want trouble between himself and the States Attorney, "as he is a pleasant man," but thinks "he needs the once over, to make him do his duty."

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Corruption, minors

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Theron Cole, William Langer


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Letter from Foster County Sheriff Theron Cole to Attorney General Langer Raising Concern over State's Attorney's Handling of a Case Involving a Poor Girl, March 18, 1917