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In this letter, dated April 18th, 1918, North Dakota (ND) Attorney General William Langer writes to Kersey Gowin that he will be staying in Fargo and to send mail in care of Gardner Hotel, adding that if Gowin needs him in Minot he will be there at any request.

Langer also writes that he has had no luck getting Judge Coffee to come through to give Langer and Gowin a list of names.

Langer encourages Gowin to "drop him a line" if his presence is needed at the time of "the arrests."

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Letter from Kersey Gowin to Attorney General Langer Reporting on Situation in Minot and Requesting that Langer contact IRS Official J. A. Coffee, April 16, 1918

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Prohibition, investigation, Kersey Gowin, Minot, Alcohol, arrests

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Judge Coffee, J. A. Coffee, Kersey E. Gowin, William Langer

Letter from Attorney General Langer to Kersey Gowin Regarding Langer's Stay in Fargo, Judge Coffee, April 18, 1918