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In this letter, dated June 19, 1920, from Fred J. Traynor, attorney for F******* D** in the State v. Stepp case, to North Dakota (ND) Assistant Attorney General Albert E. Sheets, Traynor informs Sheets that he has received a copy of the Supreme Court's decision on State v. Stepp and that he is not surprised by their decision and has no criticism of the ruling.

Traynor makes reference to the use of the word "misconduct" in the written opinion to describe what Traynor writes was unwitting error he made in the trial, and asks Sheets to talk to Clerk of Court J. H. Newton regarding whether it would be "considered proper" for Traynor to write to the members of the Supreme Court requesting that they remove the word "misconduct" from their characterization of the reasons for ordering a new trial, as he feels it implies willful wrongdoing, whereas the error he made, while admittedly prejudicial, was unwitting and unintentional.

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State v. Stepp, State vs. Stepp, ND Supreme Court, rape, statutory rape

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Supreme Court of North Dakota

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Fred J. Traynor, Albert E. Sheets Jr., G. Grimson, W. J. Kneeshaw, Harrison A. Bronson, Hiram Stepp


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Letter from Fred J. Traynor to Albert E. Sheets Regarding Retrial of State v. Stepp Case, June 19, 1920