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In this letter, dated June 16, 1920, from J. H. Newton, Clerk of the North Dakota Supreme Court, to ND Attorney General William Langer, Newton informs Langer that on that same day an order by the District Court of Cavalier County in the case of State v. Stepp was reversed and a new trial for the case was granted.

He adds that the defeated party has 20 days from the day of the order to file six copies of petition for rehearing.

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Letter from Fred J. Traynor to Albert E. Sheets Regarding Retrial of State v. Stepp Case, June 19, 1920

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State v. Stepp, State vs. Stepp, ND Supreme Court, rape, statutory rape

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Supreme Court of North Dakota

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J. H. Newton, William Langer, Hiram Stepp


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Letter from J. H. Newton to William Langer Regarding Order to Grant New Trial in State v. Stepp Case, June 16, 1920