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In this letter, dated May 15, 1920, from North Dakota (ND) Assistant Attorney General Albert E. Sheets to attorneys O'Conner and Johnson, who are representing Hiram Stepp in the State v. Stepp case before the ND Supreme Court, Sheets refers to an enclosed a copy of the State's argument concerning the proposed motion to dismiss Stepp's appeal.

The enclosed argument was not found with this letter in Langer's papers.

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Letter from Attorney General Langer to S. L. Nuchols Regarding State v. Stepp Case, September 23, 1919

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State v. Stepp, State vs. Stepp, ND Supreme Court, rape, statutory rape

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O'Connor and Johnson, Attornies At Law

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Albert E. Sheets, O'Conner, Johnson


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The copy of the State's argument was not preserved in the William Langer files for State v. Stepp.

Please note that information related to the identification of the underage victim in this case has been redacted from the digital collection per library policy. The original documents are available to researchers at the Chester Fritz Special Collections Library.

Letter from Albert E. Sheets Jr. to O'Conner and Johnson Regarding Motion to Dismiss Appeal in State v. Stepp Case, May 15, 1920