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In this letter, dated April 29, 1918, from F. H. Lohr to North Dakota (ND) Attorney General William Langer, Lohr refers to being in Minot, ND the recent Friday night when two "force" men [one of them undercover detective Kersy Gowin] were shot. Lohr writes that on Saturday all the "vice holes" had closed out of fear of the police. He also offers the general assessment that the drinking in Minot is worse than ever, and that the chief of police is "nothing more than a bag of hot air" and a "co[w]ard."

Lohr explains that he was called home from Minot Saturday, as his wife had taken ill, and that he is uncertain when he will be able to come to Minot again, citing the fact that he is newly married and thus does can not handle the expenses associated with traveling to Minot to work for Langer.

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Letter From Attorney General Langer Replying to F. H. Lohr Regarding the Night Kersey Gowin Was Killed, Situation in Minot, May 3, 1918

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Prohibition, investigation, Kersey E. Gowin, Minot, Alcohol

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Kersey E. Gowin, William Langer, F. H. Lohr


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Letter from F. H. Lohr to Attorney General Langer Regarding the Night Kersey Gowin was Killed, Situation in Minot, April 29, 1918